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    It blasts #infinity! Can’t get enough of it! Waaaaaah #dragonvale #nojailbreak #nocheat :) (at paperplane)

    It blasts #infinity! Can’t get enough of it! Waaaaaah #dragonvale #nojailbreak #nocheat :) (at paperplane)

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I am RYZ (read as /rIz/). A name that is vowel-free, kind-of weird, but unique. I graduated in Bulacan State University and took up BS Business Administration major in Management (kind-of general but I involve myself in Marketing many times and even competed with some top caliber universities for marketing plan competitions). I was a silent-type of person before but since I entered college, I started to become talkative BUT I make sure that everything I say is worth hearing – some kind of being sensible. I so love American Idol. I watch every episode 11 times, including the reruns. I miss the way Simon Cowell critiques because we almost had the same comments every so often -- and I believe he is a big loss for the show but still, I do think that the three current judges are doing their jobs well. Apparently, I love music very much. I sing ballad, soul, alternative rock, pop, and many more and I like doing it my own way. I love being original and authentic – and that, I think, what artistry is all about. I give my trust so easily; I value my friends so much; I love as if there’s no tomorrow (before, and I think, until now). Once I love, I really love and I do not lie. I am willing to give everything AS IN everything I have. I don't want people saying good-bye but if they really have to go, I let them. It is their choice and it is up to me how to recover. Some memorable things, for me, are forgettable. Ironic, it is! Likewise, I get saturated easily – food, persons I dislike whom I find ways to get along with, gadgets, things, etc. I hate bragging about my strengths and capabilities. I really don’t care but I let others recognize them if it’s worth doing so, BUT I don’t admit them (except to my friends =P)! I believe that it is better to work on being worthy of recognition than to broadcast your achievements to everyone. Ryz Laurenz

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